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729 North Stanley

Melrose West Hollywood

This beautiful 1920 Spanish bungalow was completed renovated and remodeled. Tearing it down to beams and studs, we left little of the existing interior walls. The premise was to not only update the bathrooms and kitchens but to reconfigure the rooms, to make them functional for today’s use and still keep the integrity of the original 1920’s Spanish style. We added a laundry room to the galley style kitchen, replaced small interior windows with a large picture window that overlooked the side garden over a newly centered Porcelain Kohler farmhouse sink.

We commissioned custom cabinetry for the perfect gourmet chef’s kitchen. Hand glazed Ann Sacks tiles were used to add softness and dimension with the use of color and texture to compliment the beautifully hand painted Malibu Spanish tiles that were custom made for the focal point above the stove. Hardwood floorboards were used vertically throughout the entire house and kitchen to keep the movement going from the front entrance all the way to the back door. All elements of this home from crystal door knobs to the moldings were refurbished and our recycled to maintain the original character.

  • Location: West Hollywood, CA
  • Client: Mark Cummings Hill
  • Completed: March 2015

Prompt, professional and exceeded expectations

I have worked with several designers in my career. I met Carla via referral, and she has been hands down the best designer I have worked with, and a wonderful person to boot. Carla was able to understand the style direction I wanted to execute. She selected the entire color and material pallet for my project, advised on window placement and size, designed two challenging bathrooms and a kitchen, all to the highest standards. The project was very difficult from a space utilization standpoint (an original 1920’s Spanish Bungalow that was to maintain its original footprint). On top of the space challenges, we and had an impossibly tight budget given the scope of work. Carla flawlessly navigated all of this, and advised where spending was going to yield the greatest impact to the finished project, and where cost could be saved without marring the design. Carla was always prompt, professional and exceeded expectations. From a Real Estate Developer’s point of view, Carla is outstanding. I, as well as my wife, are so impressed with Carla’s work, we plan on working with her remotely for our personal home in the Chicago metro area. I highly recommend working with Carla.

Mark Cummings Hill
Principal, Dwell De Novo