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Greyfox Malibu

This 6,000 square foot home sits on a property overlooking the beautiful hillsides of Malibu.  The lush foliage of the exterior was the inspiration and backdrop for the upscale simplicity of the interior design.

The open floor plan provided fluid movement from entry to kitchen to living room and then to sitting area. All furnishings were custom built to provide the perfect balance and scale for the space. The color palette was chosen to enhance nature’s monochromatic color tones; burnt oranges, greys and neutrals were used to warm and soften the clean sharp lines of the furniture and of the architectural elements of the home.

We chose to use wood accents to unite the space and also create a center; utilizing a round communal table with leather stools rather than chairs provides an informal place to sit and enjoy the view without blocking the eye line to the terrace.  The expansive living area is a place where a group of people can gather and enjoy an evening of entertainment without feeling crowded and yet still have the privacy of the nooks if one wanted to read or enjoy a movie

The kitchen and its island is used to help divide the space but more importantly an invitation to participate and relax.  The architectural floor-to-ceiling sliding doors keep the room airy and invites the outside in for a visit.

  • Location: Malibu, CA
  • Client: Private
  • Completed: June 2016